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This poster is the namesake for this blog site! This page is for anyone interested in purchasing the keepsake poster as a reminder of why you love (or loved) Germany! Please note the one shown below has a watermark across it to protect the copyright. The watermark does not exist on the actual posters.
If you're good at playing " hide and seek" you can look for the 28 German elements on your own. But if you can't locate all 28, or don't want to take the time to find them, here's the list. However, it's much cooler when you see them all together than reading a list.

GERMAN:  Bavarian Mountains, German Houses, German Flag, Word Deutschland (on flag), Fasching, Oktoberfest,  Train (in the mountains), Tuba playing Lederhosen, Soccer Insignia, Euro Coin (in Tuba), Eruo Emblem (in word…Germany), Deutsch license plate symbol (in word – Germany), Bahnhoffstra Sign, Street sign, with imbedded beer mug, Ausfahrt Sign, Riesling Wine, Grapes to represent the vineyards, Breads, Brats (hanging on menu board), Menu Board with Flammkuchen/Spatzle, etc., Cuckoo Clock, Neuschwanstein Castle in the wine glass, Girl in German attire with beer, Birkinstock Shoes (on the girl), Christkindle Market (on girl’s apron)


AMERICAN:  American Flag in the background on the bottom, Dog tags hanging on Street sign

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