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Valuable Resources!

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

The Find It Guide (print edition) provides emergency telephone numbers, maps, contact info for businesses and services, information about mobile roaming, calling other countries, ordering/paying/tipping at restaurants, driving/parking in Germany, conversions for currency/cooking/weather, the VAT Relief and Utility Tax avoidance programs, wireless solutions, and all programs/features available to military personnel with contact info for each. Services are listed by category and then location, so if you're looking for a veterinary clinic at Vilseck, the Thrift Shop at Ramstein, or a VAT office in Garmisch, it is easy to find the location and phone number. If you cannot find the print version, the footer of their online site includes links to all those resources. Yes, the first thing you'll see online are ads (another thing they are known for; it's one place people go to sell stuff!) but scroll to the footer to get to the valuable resources.

The world of BOOKOO! I am pretty sure anyone who has PCS'd anywhere overseas knows (and loves) Bookoo Yard Sales, but I remember when I first arrived in Germany in 2008 I had never heard of it. Due to its' popularity here, I assumed it would be equally as huge near bases located stateside, but it doesn't begin to have the same significance - even at the really large bases. If you are not familiar with them, you will want to go to and look for your specific base. Most have a designated "exchange location" making it easy to exchange goods/money.

Why Bookoo? Aside from being able to buy literally anything people are selling (both new and used) to include vehicles, fitness gear, furniture, jewelry, antiques, baby strollers, clothes, and toys..... for anyone PCSing to OR from Germany, it's where many people sell all their 220 appliances before returning to the states, making it also a great resource for purchasing those European appliances for less than retail! BTW, you can also find homes for sale/rent on Bookoo so many people are searching their yard sale sites for a new residence before they ever leave the states!

Facebook Groups: Many of the U.S. military communities in Germany have local Facebook Groups, in addition to the groups that focus on Germany in general. The local groups are great for keeping us informed about crime in the area, traffic & construction issues, festivals & concerts, restaurants hosting live entertainment or food/beverage specials, and community health concerns (like COVID). The German groups are more about sharing gorgeous/interesting locations throughout the country. Much of what they share will end up on your bucket list! The members of both provide valuable insights with experience and tips to help you avoid pitfalls and enhance your German experience! Most are private groups you will have to request to join; Some I'm aware of include:


BavariaMWR (not private)

Perhaps in YOUR area:

USAG Bavaria (not private)

For the benefit of new arrivals, I have added a "Resources" page to this website. However, I'm sure there are many more that could be added! I not only welcome, but encourage, your input!


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Definitely bookoo! We actually saw the house we ended up renting on bookoo from the States before we got here. Used a local realtor to help us and it was one of the first houses she showed us. Also, the thrift stores on Vilseck and Graf are a great place to find 220 appliances as well. Before you shell out good money for a transformer or two, check the thrift stores, they always seem to have some.

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