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The Elephant in The Room!

Has everyone changed their routines since the beginning of COVID? Or is it just me? It’s been nearly 4 months since my last post, and a 6-month lapse before that! When you go that long between posts, it’s not only difficult to get back into the routine, but you also begin to question your reason for documenting/sharing your thoughts, and whether you should attempt to get back on track!

Aside from COVID and its’ worldwide ramifications, a move from one region in Germany to anoher, the holidays (albeit far less hectic than they were prior to 2020) and kicking off a new year….I also bit the bullet and migrated from a PC to a MAC (very time consuming getting acclimated to a new protocol and learning all the nuances/features of the MAC! This is not an attempt to excuse less frequent posts; I’m just reminding myself that life happens and I either don’t bother trying to play catch up……..or I do!

Since I actually enjoy blogging and find it somewhat therapeutic, this is my attempt to jump back in! Before I begin back-tracking to tell you about a couple trips we’ve taken, I’m curious as to how many others have changed their routines because of the pandemic. Yes, I get that nothing remains the same; no need to discuss the obvious (masks, distancing, vax vs. anti-vax, and PLEASE no political BS regarding COVID on either side of the issue), but I welcome feedback about how it has affected your daily/weekly routines.

I also understand there’s a huge difference between living with the pandemic in the US verses Europe, so perhaps your routines have not been as significantly impacted as those living outside the US. I think exercise is the daily routine I miss the most; even when gyms are open, many of us would still rather not put ourselves at risk, and in Germany at this time of year, it’s way too cold (not to mention gloomy and grey) to take the exercise outdoors.

Speaking of gyms and potential exposure, is it just me or has anyone else become hyper aware of the potential to become ill and therefore avoid any unnecessary risks? Regardless of beliefs/disbeliefs in the pandemic, I think masking, distancing, frequent hand washing and sanitising (hand -sanitisers are at the entrance to every business establishment throughout Germany) have brought our health and immune systems to the front of the class. That doesn’t mean we’ve stopped enjoying life; it just means we have found more ways to have a good time within our own home. It means more home cooking and only making exceptions for close friends in trusted environments. We also haven’t stopped traveling; we just do it more carefully, abide by the rules to keep everyone safe, and rely only upon each other to be entertaining:)

Have your routines changed? Have you become a better cook? Is your house cleaner? Have you learned a new craft? Created a home gym? Are you finally doing some overdue down-sizing? I’d love to hear any positive impact resulting from the “elephant in the room”.


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