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Schloderer Brau

Reservations definitely get you the best seating and service!!!

We have been there a couple times without reservations (before we discovered reservations are so prevalent in this area) and although the food was always good, being seated without a reservation could be less than optimal and service could be a bit slow, especially during heavy dinner hours (to be expected). But when we remembered to make a reservation, it was a totally different experience; great seating (upstairs), over-the-top service, and awesome food. Unfortunately for this non-beer drinker, no liqueurs or sweet white wines!

The place is charming; I love the open entrance from the street, outside seating, the beer (bier) vats and the spiral staircase to the second level. We have passed by there several times when they have had live entertainment in the courtyard.

I love that they are open on Sundays! So far, it’s my favorite place for schnitzel!

They are located in Amberg, inside the City Center. (Rathausstrasse 4)

For reservations call +49 9621 420707


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