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Nuremberg Christmas Market

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Nürnberger Christkindlesmarkt is the German pronunciation

The last time I lived in Germany for four years (as a milspouse), we went to a lot of Christmas Markets. Some are way better than others. I wish technology had been as advanced then as it is now; I would have a lot of photos and videos of my favorites!

While I love Rothenberg (in general), we haven’t been to their Christmas Market yet. That’s on our wish list! Of those we HAVE been to, Salzburg and Dusseldorf are my two favorites. There’s just something about the unique setting and artisan’s wares at each of those. However, I’m sure I will be adding far more to that list this time around.

“Salzburg and Dusseldorf are my two favorites Christmas Markets. There’s just something about the unique setting and artisan’s wares at each of those.”

This time we arrived November 2019 and by the time we finished house-hunting and preparing for our household goods to arrive, we just didn’t have enough time to get to any….other than Nuremberg, which I suppose if you only have time for ONE, that might be one of the better ones.

It’s huge; so many booths filled with artisans, eats and drinks! It’s fun for all ages! The great news about Christmas Markets is that even if you don’t find that perfect gift or souvenir you’re seeking, the Glühwein will keep you warm on what’s likely to be a very cold day!

This 400-year old tradition at Nuremberg always lots of free entertainment between street performers, live bands, and people-watching from the adjacent restaurants. We also enjoyed the narrated trolley tour that points out some interesting features of the city.

I’ve read enough about Nuremberg’s history that I would like to visit again during a month when they are not hosting Christmas Market! I now have a GoPro, so hopefully I’ll have better media to share next year.

From the Vilseck/Graf area it’s only about a 45-minute drive, or about an hour by train. For me, it’s one of those to only do every few years because there are so many others within a short drive (many of which are rumored to be really unique) and there’s only so many weekends in December to get to as many as you can! Personally, I prefer those that are less crowded with lots of sprawl space! But I put the Nuremberg Christmas Market in the same category as Oktoberfest… everyone should do it at least once while you’re here!


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