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Visited for first time in February and enjoyed it very much!

By habit, we often go to "the other" coffee place that is also centrally located in the City Center, but we stumbled upon this place while looking for a late breakfast spot (and spent so long exploring the area that it became lunchtime!). The service was just a tad slow, but the food was outstanding! Since we are still relatively new to Amberg, we love finding new places; this was a good discovery and we will definitely go back often! Incredible kase spaetzel! Also great desserts (better than the local bakerie!). A bit too early for anything alcoholic, but I noticed they do have a huge selection and they are open very late on Friday and Saturday, so probably a good choice for dinner as well.

Note: We haven't been back since this initial visit but only because of the lockdown. Now that they are open again, we will definitely go back. They share the market platz with other restaurants, with lots of tables and umbrellas to accommodate well distanced outdoor dining.

They are inside the City Center (Marktplatz 9) in Amberg

Reservations? +49 9621 8998099


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