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Hubmann - LOVE this place!

From our very first visit in January 2020: We had heard this was one of the two best restaurants for steak in Amberg, so we were eager to compare, The service was outstanding (including English speaking wait staff), nice atmosphere, full bar (not just wine and beer!), and the food was excellent. My only recommendation in this community where a lot of Expats live would be to offer a menu in English. I love that they have traditional salads (not the typical German salad of shredded carrots and kraut); The steaks were done perfectly with no extended wait time for delivery of the food. We also tried the Creamy Tomato soup which might have been the thing I really go back for! Not your everyday tomato soup........we are likely to go back at lunchtime just for the soup!!!

And their desserts are prepared when you order them, so they might take a little longer than you would expect, but so worth they wait!!! OMG! We will definitely go back! As with most restaurants in this region .........reservations are definitely recommended!

"We actually only have (so far) two restaurants we consider really high quality food and service; Hubmann is one of the two!"

Many return visits: Before the closures of 2020, we returned to Hubmann often! Sometimes we do just go for soup and salad because their soups are THE BEST!!! But it's difficult to go there and not order a steak! They really do steaks right! We actually only have (so far) two restaurants we consider "really high quality food and service"; Hubmann is one of the two!

They are inside the City Center in Amberg (Loeffelgasse 3)

Reservations are definitely recommended!! +49 9621 6020520, but I'm 99% sure you can make reservations via their fb page as well.


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