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Eats/Drinks in Germay!

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Although food items on German menus may sound the same regardless of the region, they may be prepared differently and even smell/taste slightly different depending upon the region. Due to the huge variety of breweries and vineyards, you will definitely notice regional differences in the availability of some beers and wines. The first thing I noticed about Bavaria that is different from the KMC (Kaiserslautern Military Community) is the lack of Riesling wines (for which the Rhineland-Phalz is known!)...or for that matter, any sweet white wines! And actually, while many bars and restaurants do at least offer trocken and halbtroken (dry and half dry) wines, Bavaria is much more about BEER only! There are beer gardens where you might want to sneak in your own flask if you're not a beer drinker!

The first thing I noticed about Bavaria, that is different from the KMC,is the lack of Reisling wines ...or for that matter, any sweet white wines!

We live in Amberg and I am not yet familiar with other parts of Bavaria, so I don't know if this is a Bavarian-wide thing, but it appears there is also much more live entertainment at the pubs/biergartens (beer gardens) here than in the KMC.

"The first thing I noticed about Bavaria, that is different from the KMC,is the lack of Riesling wines ...or for that matter, any sweet white wines!"

As mentioned in an earlier post, I also don't know if this is Germany-wide or not, but in contrast to our last time here, you now need reservations to be guaranteed a table! Even when we were outside of our immediate area (near Berlin), looking for a place to eat the same was true.

You might get lucky as a walk-in, but that may also mean the worst seating in the establishment, and sometimes not as good of service as those who made reservations. We definitely had that experience, which is how we learned the essential reservations lesson! :)

A very cool feature of Germany as it relates to dining/drinking experiences, Germans tend to be very pet friendly. At any outdoor cafe or beirgarten, your dog is welcome. Some go as far as to put out water dishes for your furry friend.

Since the borders just recently re-opened, our dining experiences have been mostly centered close to home (Amberg) with a couple trips to Ramstein/Lanstuhl. Therefore most of my "eating/drinking" posts will be in or around Amberg, which is why I encourage everyone else to share theirs!

Eventually, once we start traveling, I hope to share eats/drinks relative to other countries! You can tell I'm no wine connoisseur; I'll be happy when we get to Italy where I can find some Mocato! I do miss the Auslese, Spatelese, and Kabinetts readily available in the KMC!

I should probably mention that you can find all of those (even in Bavaria) for next to nothing at Kauflands and Lidl. The shoppette on base carries a wide variety too....just a bit more expensive!


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