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Since I'm still new to this, I didn't realize visitors have to subscribe in order to leave comments. But I suppose that's a safeguard to keep random comments from cyber psychos who have nothing better to do. So I apologize for any inconvenience because I really do want your insights.

Yesterday I happened to mention (in a post) that most Germany residences have no counter space in the kitchens, and definitely no closets! Last night I happened to be in a home that had plenty of both! .....seriously.........large built-in closets and even a mud-room type of closet for buckets, vacuum cleaner, brooms and mops, etc. Since many of us convert a smaller spare bedroom into a walk-in closet and have had to invest in wardrobes, I was really surprised to see this exception to the rule.

This is one of the reasons your comments are encouraged. Regardless of the topic, I'm sure there are many people with valuable info that can help others.


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The no closets was the biggest thing for us to get used to. Luckily we were able to sign-out (borrow) wardrobes from the Army so we have somewhere to hang clothes but it's all the other stuff crammed into large closets back in the states that became an issue here. Footwear, hats, linens, boxes of memorabilia, board games, toys, luggage, etc. You don't realize how much stuff you have until there's nowhere to "hide" it. We're managing with bins and totes and luggage stuffed into corners of bedrooms and under the stairs, but it isn't the prettiest arrangement. I recommend anyone pcs-ing overseas to really take the opportunity to pare down and minimize if willing!

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