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Can't Wait To Do It Again!

Yes, I know I’m extremely late posting this! But this was such a great experience I can’t go without posting about it! It's going to sound like a paid announcement from this hotel, but I swear it's not!!! Just need to share with others who might not otherwise discover it.

It was New Year’s Eve 2021, and COVID was still very much an issue throughout Europe. Many places were still closed, and masks were still a must everywhere. This was about the fifth time we made plans to go to Prague and had to cancel due to Covid. There are lots of options within Germany’s borders, but we didn’t want a long drive since the weather in Germany is rather unpredictable at that time of year. With Stuttgart being only a 2-hour drive from the KMC, it became our new destination to celebrate New Year’s Eve. It turned out to be an excellent choice…. even amidst Covid!!

We randomly chose the Steigenberger Graf Zeppelin Hotel, and I can’t imagine a better choice! They made the whole experience so memorable! We never go anywhere (hotels, restaurants, attractions) that I don’t write a review on just to share our experiences with others (and sometimes give them a heads up!), so I don’t want to “0ver-rave” in this post. However, I have to say that it was the hotel that made our holiday!!

Between the excellent food, service, amenities, proximity to the train station (right across the street!!!) and to the never-ending pedestrian/shopping walkway (2 blocks away!), it doesn’t get much better than this. This was literally the first time we’ve stayed in a hotel with a walk-in closet!!! Although they don’t actually assign a personal concierge to guests, there was one employee (Olaf), who made us feel like he was assigned to us for the entire length of our visit, Thursday thru Sunday. He’s the guy who escorts you to the luxury cigar bar and helps you choose the best cigar, the smoothest whiskey, or who makes sure you dine at one of the best tables; the kind of attention guests would be happy to pay extra for ….but he was just part of the standard service at the Steigenberger, and the reason we will definitely go back!

We were also really impressed with the whole area, but specifically the pedestrian zone (Königstraße) where there are so many shops, sidewalk cafes, and street performers that you could easily spend a full day just browsing and window shopping. We lucked out with the weather; it was unseasonably warm so even on the afternoon/evening of New Year’s Eve and all day on New Year’s Day when the stores were closed for the holiday, the pedestrian zone was packed with people strolling through the adjacent park, skating, biking and dining.

Stuttgart turned out to be an excellent choice. When we return, we will probably take the train instead of driving just because the train is so accessible from where we live and to the Steigenberger Hotel……we will definitely return. I can’t really say whether it was the spirit of the season, the unseasonably warm weather, the accommodations and service, of just coincidence, but this short 4-day trip will remain among our most memorable! I guess the stars were aligned!

So much fun! Definitely check out the zentrum (city center) in Stuttgart and the Steigenberger Hotel!!!


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