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It's SO exciting! Whether you're a military family, civilian employee, student, Expat, or here on a work visa...and whether you've been here a while, coming for the first time, or you're returning, Germany is (or will be) your new home! So many have had Germany on their bucket list for much of their life and now it's a reality! 


Through the participation of many, it's possible to educate our friends and family about how great Europe is, and persuade them to leave their comfort zone long enough to come see for themselves!


This blog site is intended to assist newcomers, entice those who still have "living here" on their wish list, and primarily to share experiences among those who are already enjoying the European way of life!

With the help of subscribers who comment, or guest bloggers, together we will share the pros and cons of where we've been, the best way to get there, great (or not so great) eating and drinking establishments, potential pitfalls to anticipate, traditions we've adopted, events no one should miss, and tips on how to extend your tour or retire here, or anywhere else in Europe! In general, this is a way for you to learn from others or to share what you've learned in order to assist others.

Many newcomers will be looking for service providers and stores; the same ones we were all seeking when we arrived. Let's share what we've learned! 

Thank you for visiting!


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